International Partnership

International Partnership

AU has committed to the internationalization of our university and we host international students from all over the world. Our collaborations within our international network are not only to exchange students but also to exchange faculty members, to implement joint projects and research, and so on. For these purposes, AU is always looking to develop new international ties and strengthen partnerships with universities and organizations abroad. We currently aim to have 200 international partner institutions in 50 different countries and regions, and our campus will surely become more diversified and multicultural in the years to come.

We also provide opportunities for international students from certain partner institutions to study part of their qualification in their home country and then complete it at AU through articulation agreements and dual degree programmes.

What we do

The International Relations Office contributes to the University’s globalisation activities by providing high-level support and advice to Deakin faculties and divisions including:

  1. Providing strategic advice on international partnerships including partnership models and development opportunities in key countries/regions
  2. Preparing and evaluating formal partnership agreements with international academic partners (excluding research-specific agreements), based on consistent practice across the University and maintenance of the University’s central agreements database
  3. Advising on globalisation initiatives and activities to ensure compliance with University policy and procedures
  4. Developing in-depth briefing documents to support globalisation activities and to inform the University Executive and the wider University community
  5. Organising and coordinating programs and events for high-level international visitors to the University, including from universities, government organisations and diplomatic missions
  6. Organising an annual AU Fellowship for Internationalisation (AUFI) to provide an opportunity to both professional and academic staff to broaden their knowledge of international education and to develop themselves into the next generation of leaders in international education.

International partnerships

Existing partnerships

Alzette University has international partnerships with a few partners in more than 65 countries across the world. Our international partnerships map gives a snapshot of the types of partnerships we have in place and where our partners are located.

The International Relations Office supports the development of strategic international partnerships and networks for academic collaboration, principally focused on mutually beneficial student learning and experience outcomes. International academic partnerships may include partnerships that support:

  1. General academic collaborations through Memorandum of Understanding
  2. Articulation – we have many articulation arrangements with overseas institutions that provide a pathway for students into Alzette undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs
  3. Recognition for prior learning – we have formal arrangements with other institutions that recognise specific courses and offer students credit towards a Alzette degree
  4. Transnational education partnerships that aim to expand international teaching and learning through flexible modes of delivery including joint delivery of degrees, licensing of curriculum and online delivery modes
  5. Dual-degree partnerships – these arrangements enable students to obtain two degrees, one from Alzette and one from an international partner in the same time as a single degree
  6. Staff and student mobility, which may include student exchange, study abroad and short-term programs.

Prospective partnerships

If you are interested in collaborating with Alzette University, please contact the International Relations Office.

[email protected]