Undergraduate Programme

Bachelor of Business Administration

Outstanding Academics essential business experience


The Bachelor of Business Administration (“BBA”) is a programme awarded by Alzette University. The programme will be managed and promoted by Alzette University.

Programme Aims:

• provide career path support to learners who wish to develop their management skills, enterprise capabilities and opportunities in their chosen sector
• improve learner understanding of any given business environments and organisations and how they are managed and developed
• develop skills and abilities in learners to support their professional development.

Our qualifications provide a rich mix of disciplines and skills development opportunities. Learners will gain insight into the functioning, objectives and processes of organisations, appreciating their diversity and the influences and impact of external forces on them. The fast-changing and complex business environment and different organisational ability to stay resilient and respond positively to change and opportunities will be explored.


International Business



Programme & Curriculum Structure

In designing this programme, the prior qualifications and corporate experiences of participants are taken into consideration in order to ensure a programme which builds on their prior knowledge and skills.


60 ECTS – 12 Modules

60 ECTS – 12 Modules

60 ECTS – 11 Modules + 1 Final Paper


Assignment: 60%

Examination: 40%

Delivery Mode

Blended Delivery Mode

Self-Instructional Learning  Material

Face to Face Tutorials

Online Discussions

Students are given a complete set of learning materials to facilitate independent study which can be downloaded from the designated Learning Portal

Face-to-Face classes conducted at a learning centre

Once a month:

3 Tutorial Per Subject

Learners are encouraged to participate in online discussions with other

learners and their tutors for at least 18 hours per module

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Blended Distance Education

A University Dedicated to Your Success

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Hands on Research

Hands-on learning is a learning method we believe is more durable and lasting when students are cognitively engaged in the learning process. We understand that it helps in long-term memory retention and better transfer of knowledge and understanding in the real world. At Alzette University, we aim at delivering the best facilities and equipment for your hands-on research experience.

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Blended Distance Education

In keeping up with technological advancements as well as the recent pandemic concerns, we at Alzette University are proud to introduce a platform for our students and faculty to combine classroom and online syllabuses. With an extensive reach into three regions, we are proud to be able to share this experience through our many study centres scattered across Europe, Australia and Asia

Diversifying your Educational Journey

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