Graduate Programme

Doctor of Philosophy – PhD

Outstanding Academics essential doctoral experience

Alzette University (AU) PhD Programme provides a coherent and integrated curriculum in scholarly and doctoral education for excellent PhD candidates. This Postgraduate programme aims to support the development of scholarly knowledge, personal generic competences and prospective professional development for future academic and non-academic career paths.

At Alzette University, the PhD Programme consists of:

PhD by Research
The programme aims to ensure an optimal development of all PhD candidates, and in such a way that they may: on the one hand, complete their PhD programme and thesis within 4 years and, on the other hand, become more attractive to future employers.

Regarding the research path, Alzette University degree of Doctor (PhD) primarily focuses on recognition of breadth of scholarship, depth of research, and the power to investigate problems independently and efficiently, rather than on the completion of definite courses of study in a stated period of residence. The work on the degree must consist of research and the preparation of a thesis describing this research, and of systematic studies of an advanced character, primarily in science or engineering. The PhD candidates who successfully defend their dissertation will obtain a doctorate from Alzette University

Regarding AU, the structure of a PhD programme includes:

– An educational component (provided by the graduate school, and connected national research schools or other (inter)national networks);
– A number of broadening subjects such as ethics, innovation and entrepreneurship, project management, science and communication;
– A research project resulting in a doctoral degree.
– The programme consists of 45 (ECTS) credits, indicating the scope of the specific educational aspect of the PhD programme.

A University Dedicated to Your Success
Hands on Research
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Blended Distance Education

A University Dedicated to Your Success

A university is more than just education. At Alzette University, we will equip you to develop the knowledge, skills, confidence, and experience to help ease your journey in this world. Regardless of whether you are a school leaver or a mature student, our university opens up a host of new opportunities and lets you take control of your future.

Hands on Research

Hands-on learning is a learning method we believe is more durable and lasting when students are cognitively engaged in the learning process. We understand that it helps in long-term memory retention and better transfer of knowledge and understanding in the real world. At Alzette University, we aim at delivering the best facilities and equipment for your hands-on research experience.

Classic University Experience

Instilling a sense of independence and shaping our youths into becoming leaders of the future, at Alzette University, we believe it is all about discovering new things and meeting new people that makes the journey worthwhile. Join us and come meet a diverse group of individuals to broaden your horizons.

Blended Distance Education

In keeping up with technological advancements as well as the recent pandemic concerns, we at Alzette University are proud to introduce a platform for our students and faculty to combine classroom and online syllabuses. With an extensive reach into three regions, we are proud to be able to share this experience through our many study centres scattered across Europe, Australia and Asia.

Diversifying your Educational Journey

“Globally innovating education through lifelong learning experiences to inspire a community of unique and extraordinary individuals. Our programmes at Alzette University (AU) are designed to inspire people from all over through excellence and quality education”.