Strategic Alliance Partners


At the Alzette University, we aspire to foster strong, mutually beneficial relationships with the corporate sector, industry, government entities, and our communities.

Alzette University partners actively participate in student life, enrol as guest lecturers or mentors, and explore our manifold academically talented and international students. Many of our employers visit the campus to interview students for internships and full-time positions, and others serve on advisory committees providing important guidance for the School and its various departments. An ever increasing number of them also participate, recognize, and actively support community service, global outreach, informational career panels, and support for undergraduate and graduate capstone/research projects.

These and other interactions, Alzette University partners contribute significantly to our students’ preparedness for their careers, entrepreneurial pursuits, and intellectual growth. They, in turn, benefit from access to a remarkable pool of talent and a wellspring of innovative resources to address organizational and business challenges.

Understanding that the world is his ever evolving stage, we give him a community of effort that includes people of talents at every level whose differences recognize, value, celebrate and respect the contributions to the greater effort made by all. We are proud of our esteemed faculty — their talents demanded by every level of society — of our alumni — already making a better world in countless corners of the planet — and of our students, whose education here prepares them for career success and to make their own important and meaningful contributions to the world.

To learn more about how partnering with the Alzette University can help your organization increase visibility, align with your strategic objectives, and expand your global footprint, contact our International Office at: [email protected]

Our Strategic Alliance Partners