Graduate Program

Doctor of Business Administration – DBA

Outstanding Academics essential doctoral experience

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Originating Institution(s) : Alzette University
Collaborative Partner : European Education Board

Award to be conferred – Dual Awards:
: Alzette University France (DBA)
: European Education Board (Membership)

This Degree is designed to provide a broad understanding and application of business administration to equip learners who are keen to take up employment in the business sector. Those who are already working in the business sector can also benefit from enhanced knowledge and skills in addition to a recognized qualification.


International Business


Human Resource Management

Programme & Curriculum Structure

In designing the DBA, prior qualifications and corporate experiences of participants are taken into consideration in order to ensure a programme which builds on their prior knowledge and skills.

The DBA has comprises of taught modules, an unassessed research methods module and a Thesis as follows:

1. Organizational Behavior and Leadership
2. Research Philosophy
3. Advanced Research Method
4. Strategic Management
5. Global Business
6. Corporate Accounting & Finance
7. Dissertation

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Hands-on learning is a learning method we believe is more durable and lasting when students are cognitively engaged in the learning process. We understand that it helps in long-term memory retention and better transfer of knowledge and understanding in the real world. At Alzette University, we aim at delivering the best facilities and equipment for your hands-on research experience.

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In keeping up with technological advancements as well as the recent pandemic concerns, we at Alzette University are proud to introduce a platform for our students and faculty to combine classroom and online syllabuses. With an extensive reach into three regions, we are proud to be able to share this experience through our many study centres scattered across Europe, Australia and Asia.

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